Over the years, its been my honor and 

privilege to have been a part of many marriage ceremonies, private pre or post marriage seminars for couples, small group seminars and retreats as well as profoundly moving memorial services.  I encourage you to review my scope of services below.

Seminars & Retreats

I offer private and group seminars as well as my couples course, Forming and Maintaining Healthy Relationships. It contains down-to-earth common sense strategies on how to create relationships of any kind, including marriage, which will be so healthy they will last a lifetime. These are the principles my wife and I live by and we’ve been married 36 wonderful years so I know this is excellent information. Plan A is to do this at my home in Mill Valley; Plan B is to do this on Skype or at a location your group choses.

I offer a seminar to enrich your life, Mastering the Art of Spiritual Living. This is not about religion although religion can be an important part of a well-balanced life. My definition of Spiritual Living is: Being as healthy as possible every day in every way. I use the construct created by Roger Walsh, M.D. PhD, 8 Ways to Wellbeing.


Marriage Ceremonies

At your request, I will email you 6 sample ceremonies ranging from Religious, to Spiritual but Not Religious, to Secular. You and your partner have 100% editorial control over every word spoken throughout the entire ceremony. You can write your ceremony from scratch should you choose. 


Few couples write their ceremonies from scratch, but it is very common for couples to write their own vows. You deserve the wedding ceremony of your choice. I will work closely with you in creating the ceremony you always dreamed of having.

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Memorial Services

All memorial events whether they are called a Funeral, Celebration of Life or Memorial Service are unique to the person who died and to the desire of the loved ones planning the event. 


I work hand-in-hand with you until every word of the ceremony is what you want. If you don’t know what you want I have a series of questions that will get you started toward creating an event which will serve everyone present.


By reading my book, I Hear You're Afraid of Dying, you will find an enormous amount of information which will be valuable in your planning.