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About Me

I’ve been retired from Parish ministry for 22 years but I’m busy doing things I love such as: spending time with family and friends, writing, teaching, traveling, conducting ceremonies and staying as healthy as possible everyday. I do a great deal of this with my dear wife, Linda. We have been married 39 years … the best years of my entire life.

Family Tree

L-R: John Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy–died at 100 and ½ – Al Deitrick, My mother, Florence (baby), Sadie Murphy-Deitrick, Effie Murphy, Eddie Murphy. Sadie was the only one of these three who married. They owned a farm in Oceloa, Iowa. Al and Sadie, owned a farm 5 miles West of St. Peter, MN. My Grandmother, Sadie Murphy was born in Compromise Township, IL on September 15, 1882. Married Fremont Church Clark County, Iowa on February 12, 1906. Alvia was 32 and Sadie 22.

My mother, Florence, sister, Gloria, myself, my father, George Sr. My Dad died 2 weeks after this photo was taken. He was 39. My mother never remarried; she died at age 88. My sister died in 2011 at age 72.


Gratitude is my attitude!

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